Emerald Queen

I am a fashion designer, seamstress and corset maker.

photo: Katarzyna Mikołajczak

I’m a person who loves art and fantasy, as well as bringing dreams and visions to life, giving them real shapes. Fashion designing and tailoring is my way of artistic expression. My point is to create pieces of art, that you can wear, feel and become a part of it.

Since 2016 I’ve created already several fashion collections (you can see them in my Portfolio):

  • “Fairytales Collection” Spring 2016
  • “Art Nouveau Inspirations” Spring 2017
  • “Moonlight Garden” Fall 2017
  • “Dragons Collection” Spring 2018
  • “Gemstones Collection” Spring 2019

I’ve presented them on fashion shows in many events:

  • Pyrkon, Altergroup Poland fashion show, Poznań, April 2019
  • Altergroup Poland fashion show, Tetcon, Tczew, August 2018
  • Altergroup Poland fashion show, WCK Wejherowo, June 2018
  • Pyrkon, Altergroup Poland fashion show, Poznań, May 2018
  • Comic Con, Altergroup Poland fashion show, Warszawa, November 2017
  • Warszawskie Targi Fantastyki, Alternative Fashion Show, Warszawa, October 2017
  • Polcon, Altergroup Poland fashion show, Lublin, August 2017
  • Comic Con, Altergroup Poland fashion show, Warszawa, June 2017
  • Alternative Fashion Show, Toruń, May 2017
  • Pyrkon, Altergroup Poland fashion show, Poznań, April 2017
  • AlterFair, Warszawa, September 2016
  • Alternative Fashion Show, Toruń, June 2016

Every collection and every single gown created by me, has its own story, a plot. A person who wear it, becomes a part of this story, a part of art.

I create all my works myself, beginning from the concept design, pattern, sewing, detail work, finishing with embellishments. I collaborate also with other artists and craftsmen if there is a need (e.g. jewelry, embroidery…), to provide you a full service and fulfill your dream.

Every gown I create comes in only single copy, so it’s totally unique and nobody would have the same gown like you.

I do accept commissions. If you have a dream, some kind of vision or story you would like to be transformed to a costume – I will make it with pleasure specially for you! If you don’t have any idea, but you like my works – then contact me, and I will help you find the best solution for you!

And what can I make for you?

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