Do it in several easy steps:

1) Use a contact form. Describe your idea. You can also upload a few pictures, drawings or images as an inspiration. Please write what exactly do you like in each one of uploaded files (eg. general character, fabric, color, a detail etc.). If you don’t have a crystalised vision of the project, I will advice you with pleasure and help you make a choice.

2) Then I will prepare 2 or 3 sketches for you, with fabrics and particular solutions suggestion. This stage costs 12-50 EUR. If you accept the project, this amount will be substracted from the final price od your order.

3) When you choose the project for you and we sort out the details, then I will assess the total price of yout order and how long would it take. If you accept it, I will ask you to pay 1/3 advance. The duration time counts from the moment I get the advance payment.

4) Now you wait for a fitting (if you can come in person) or your finished order!

Contact me, and I will help you find out what you love or dislike, what will work well for your nature, mood and also silhouette. Then I will prepare a few sketches for you, with fabrics, details and general solutions proposition. We will make together a special project for you to be happy and satisfied!

A single corset or accessories can be ready just in 3-4 weeks from the moment I get the advance payment.
Making complete gown may take 8-10 weeks or more. I will inform you about approximate waiting time as we get in touch to discuss the details of your order.
If you want to wear your garment for a special event, please make an order not later than 3 months before your event.

If you would like to have your order ready earlier than the standard waiting time, it’s possible! I can make it for you in my overtime, so it will cost 30% extra.

Of course you can, but only if there is my work on the picture. If someone else is the author of this garment, then I cannot make a copy, because it’s plagiarism.

This rule includes everything but cosplays and historical fashion – then exact reproduction is welcome!

We can always use different pictures and images as an inspiration, not to make a copy but to make something totally new and unique inspired by the character, style, mood, colors, shapes etc. And such inpirations are also welcome!

Yes! Wherever you live, I can make a garment/costume for you. I will ask you to send me your measurements and then I will send you your finished order.

But please concern that taking measurements yourself is always a risk of making a mistake. When I personally measure you, then it’s me who takes responsibility and if the finished garment doesn’t fit well, the adjustments are free. When you take the measurements yourself, then it’s your responsibility and you will be charged for adjustments.

To minimise the risk, please read carefully my guide how to take measurements!

Totally yes!

I like challenges and new ideas! And if I wouldn’t like your idea, then I would suggest some changes or something different, or eventually refuse to make it. But do not hesistate to ask!

You can order many different accessories like gloves, headpieces, handbags, jewelry etc. A lot of accessories I make myself. I have also astists-friends with whom I can colaborate to make unique accessories for you!

Yes! International shipping costs 16.00 30.00 EUR in Europe and 24.00 – 70.00 EUR everywhere else. I ship via Polish Post’s service with tracking number.

Your country may charge you duty or VAT, which is the customer’s responsibility, so please check it before you make an order to avoid misunderstandings.

In the unlikely situation that there is a problem with the garment that you purchased, returns are possible only under following conditions:

  • returns must be made within 14 days of receiving your garment
  • returns must be made after contacting me and after my return approval
  • garment must be returned in as-new condition
  • please make sure that it’s packed properly, insured to 100 PLN and marked as a gift to avoid duty charges
  • shipping costs are not refundable


Returns and refunds are not possible if you have ordered wrong size, supplied wrong measurements, changed weight or simply changed your mind.


Female garments is my specialty, but I accept orders for male garments as well.

Yes. Some gowns you can find in my Portfolio are available for rent. If you would like to rent a gown for a photo shoot, contact me!

I ship worldwide. Rental costs 50.00 – 100.00 EUR plus shipping costs.

Rental condidions:

  • signing rental contract
  • 200.00 EUR refundable deposit  (deposit will be refunded up to three days after I get the gown back)
  • paying the rental costs


I never rent gowns free.
In exceptional situations i do accept TFP colaborations, if I really like your portfolio or idea for the photo shoot, so contact me if you can offer something really interesting for me!

I do not have a “rental catalogue”. Some of my gowns are available for rent, but not all of them (some are already sold or rent). If you are interested in specific gown from my Portfolio – ask me if it’s available and I will check it for you!

If the puchased garment happen to be faulty or damaged despite your correct use, then you can make a complaint, to get it fixed or get a refund. You should send your complaint via contact form or via e-mail (my e-mail address: emerald.queen.art@gmail.com). Your complaint will be investigated within 14 days.

My collections are being presented during many fashion shows (you can watch the shows in Video section). News about upcoming shows are always on my Facebook fanpage.

If you would like to invite me to your event, to make a fashion show specially for you, it is possible! Please contact me if interested and I will do my best!



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