I want to make a custom order. How to do this?

Do it in several easy steps:

1) Use a contact form. Describe your idea. You can also upload a few pictures, drawings or images as an inspiration. Please write what exactly do you like in each one of uploaded files (eg. general character, fabric, color, a detail etc.). If you don’t have a crystalised vision of the project, I will advice you with pleasure and help you make a choice.

2) Then I will prepare 2 or 3 sketches for you, with fabrics and particular solutions suggestion. This stage costs 12-50 EUR. If you accept the project, this amount will be substracted from the final price od your order.

3) When you choose the project for you and we sort out the details, then I will assess the total price of yout order and how long would it take. If you accept it, I will ask you to pay 1/3 advance. The duration time counts from the moment I get the advance payment.

4) Now you wait for a fitting (if you can come in person) or your finished order!